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Products Needed For KINSTRETCH

  • Two yoga blocks are needed for practice

  • Two sticks/poles are helpful for balance 

  • A set of pull-up assistance bands (via link red-green)

  • Ankle weights: 1-5LB to start but you could benefit from 10LB

My Favorite Products

011--mattpenny_alamoreaux copy.png

Vivo Barefoot Shoes:

My go-to training shoes to ensure I'm strengthening the intrinsic muscles of my foot. After 4 ACL surgeries I've realized the importance of starting the kinetic chain STRONG. GO barefoot now

002--mattpenny_alamoreaux copy.png

Ten Thousand Clothing:

No other workout gear I would rather than Ten Thousand. They are durable, affordable, and the PERFECT fit. After blowing out the crouch on 5 pairs of Lululemon shorts I finally made the switch... And I'm never going back. 

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