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Mobility AND Strength?

The MBM Strength & Performance Team

Everyone wants to train flexibility and mobility but when push comes to shove mobility gets skipped or cut from the program. Only when injury occurs do most people take mobility more seriously. It's Time to change that..

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MBM Strength & Performance Membership Overview

This is a one-stop shop for mobility, strength and conditioning. Not only will we set 1 Rep Max's and achieve new personal records, but we will also prioritize joint health & function. We will NEVER promote PAIN GAINS

This is for anyone who is interested in strength training but *doesn't* want to sacrifice their flexibility and mobility in the process of pursuing more strength.

Weekly Program Layout:

45-75 Minutes Per Day / x5 Per Week

Day 1: Lower Body Strength

Day 2: Upper Body Strength

Day 3: Follow-Along Kinstretch Class

Day 4: Lower Body Strength

Day 5: Upper Body Strength

Optional Weekend : Self Directed Cardio


All-Access Pass to My Coaching and Insights

Every session we will track sleep, stress, mood, and energy level to provide insights and a Readiness Score

Communicate directly with me in the app

​Track your progress & collect health data

Utilize the team message board to celebrate wins

Easy-to-follow videos​ all delivered in the app

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